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OAAA/Geopath Conference – Future Proofing Out of Home


The annual Outdoor Advertising of America/Geopath convention took place virtually on May 25-26, 2021. The theme of this two-day conference was around ‘Future Proofing’ the Out of Home business. Featured speaker from well-known corporations, publishers and other stakeholders provided expert insights into the Out of Home space-its present and future.

Several consistent themes emerged from the high-profile group of industry thought leaders.

Many agreed that the future of the Out of home space is around the digital screen space. As advertisers are looking for more flexible means of advertising- featuring ease of planning and buying, creative flexibility and audience attribution-digital advertising provides this digital addressability and audience focus.

Programmatic buying and planning were another theme that resonated with the group. With 85% of Online buying happening programmatically, this will continue to be a growth approach for the business. Buys made programmatically can be more efficient and effective.

Another theme was around the benefit of data informed advertising programs, particularly the value of authenticated first party data. As third-party cookies and other attribution measurements continue to have challenges, verified first party information continues to be necessary. Brands gather data on customer engagement and gain key insights into their sales and performance, informing smart strategies.

Belinda Smith, CEO Americas for m/Six, said “OOH has been useful in providing data signals that are privacy friendly & privacy centric, and the medium is unmatched in capturing interest & attention to create a unique experience for passersby.”

These forward-looking themes are important to the relevance and future growth of Out of Home media. These ideas will allow the business to keep pace with the attributes that Online Advertising so often provides for data informed, advanced advertising campaigns.

National Retail Solutions is uniquely positioned as an Out of Home group to be a significant player in the Place Based Out of Home space.

As a Digital Out of Home provider NRS serves ads targeted to a retail network in the independent store space. Operating in 45 states and 152 DMAs, NRS ads can be seen across the network’s 12,000 screens in C Stores, Mini Marts, Bodegas, Liquor Stores and Tobacco shops. With an Urban footprint and multicultural audience, advertisers can speak directly to this hard-to-reach audience at point of sale.

Ads are served through the company’s Point of Sale terminals. NRS offers verified first party data from sales through the system, offering advertisers unique insights into their brand and category sales performance, and that of their competitors in the independent space. Smart insights into their business in the independent space can be found through NRS as the only resource for this information in the independent space.

We encourage you to speak to your NRS representative regarding how these advertising + data programs can be executed for your marketing or analytics focused planning. Join the hundreds of companies who have benefited from NRS’s highly efficient and effective programs.