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Harnessing the Power of In-Store Networks to Connect with Powerful Multicultural Consumers

The power of the multicultural consumer continues to grow in the U.S. Hispanic Americans alone are expected to have a buying power of $2.4 trillion by 2024. African and Asian American consumers have also seen exponential increases in their individual and collective spending power over the last 20 years. These numbers are projected to trend higher in the years and decades ahead, presenting huge opportunities for brands eager to expand their addressable markets.

While many of these audiences have been overlooked by brands in the past, advertisers today increasingly understand that revenue growth and continued commercial success depend on engaging these formidable audiences authentically guided by an understanding of their unique buying habits, purchasing preferences, and nuanced behaviors.

Successful brands also understand that cultural relevance is key to engaging multicultural audiences meaningfully. However, knowing where to physically reach and intersect these audiences is equally as critical. With its in-store digital network deployed within community-based retail locations, NRS Digital Media can foster connections between brands and highly coveted multicultural audiences.

Multicultural groups tend to shop in their neighborhoods at local, non-chain grocery stores, convenience stores, and bodegas. At these locations, they often enjoy a more personalized and convenient shopping experience with access to products that reflect their cultural tastes and traditions. As a result, consumers of these stores are highly loyal and return repeatedly.

Until recently, many of these smaller, local retailers lacked access to the in-store digital technology deployed more typically in larger chains and used by brands to market to and engage shoppers. This is no longer the case.

NRS’ expansive network of in-store, point-of-sale connected screens is now available and active in thousands of retail stores located in communities where multicultural audiences live and work, giving brands a new conduit to engaging previously unreachable consumers with culturally relevant marketing strategies that drive higher loyalty and engagement.

By using the NRS network to form lasting and authentic partnerships with local retailers, brands can have a direct line to community members, enhancing credibility and favorability while also spurring positive word-of-mouth among residents. Brands can engage and communicate with multicultural audiences in relevant ways, with the right messages delivered in the language, style, and tone that aligns with values and traditions.

The benefits of NRS also extend beyond financial considerations, as brands can leverage the network to play an active role in supporting the broader economic health of the community by participating in community events and charitable initiatives.

Reaching multicultural consumers through independent, non-chain community stores is a strategic move that offers significant economic and social benefits. NRS makes it possible for brands to build stronger, more meaningful connections with diverse communities, and support local businesses, ensuring long-term loyalty and success.