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How did you first decide to get into the political world?

I’ve worked in politics since I was a teenager. I first volunteered on campaigns and then during college worked on political campaigns and elected officials’ offices. And began professionally working in politics immediately out of college. 

Tell us about some of the advertising changes you have seen since you first got into political consulting?

The political landscape has changed tremendously. What I started with direct mail, TV and radio has now become text messaging and digital advertising. 

What has been your experience using Digital Out of Home (DOOH) on behalf of your clients’ campaigns?

Reaching voters in their home used to be the key to any campaign. Today it is so much harder to reach people in their home. DOOH is one of the unique ways to reach voters at the point of purchase when they are captive without other distractions. 

Can you tell us the role of Digital Out of Home (NRS Digital Media) in the way of reaching multicultural voters?

The key in most campaigns is how to reach ethnic voters. In most campaigns that can be the swing to victory. NRS is based in exactly the places that you want in order to reach those voters.