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Engaging New Consumer Audiences: How NRS Digital Media Connects CPG Brands and Local Shoppers

Even as online shopping and e-commerce continue to grow, surveys reveal that consumers prefer to visit physical stores where they can handle merchandise before making a purchase, return and exchange items with greater ease, and participate in the in-store experience.

This is because retailers want to attract more consumers to their stores, while CPG brands are eager to engage with these consumers when purchasing decisions are being made. In-store media and connected digital signage networks make both possible, which is why larger retailers have invested heavily in building in-store media networks to enliven their store aesthetic, interact with shoppers, and provide brands with the ability to deliver timely, relevant, and personalized content to target audiences inside their locations.  

While in-store media networks have become mainstays at many popular retail locations like CVS, Home Depot, Target, and the like, they are less commonly found at smaller, locally owned bodegas and neighborhood convenience and grocery stores. CPG brands, therefore, need access to a critical segment of the consumer population that repeatedly shops at these locations.

NRS Digital Media is changing the equation with its proprietary network of connected point-of-sale screens accessible to any independent or small retail owner. In addition to offering various benefits to store owners, NRS screens offer CPG brands a conduit to engage consumers who were once difficult to reach.

The Power of First-Party Data

In an age where regulations governing consumer data and privacy continue to evolve, NRS captures first-party data such as purchase history and buying habits. CPG brands can leverage these datasets to create and deploy targeted marketing strategies that reach and engage the shoppers who frequent these independent stores, often several times a week. Brands can also use first-party data to build and extend personalized offers and tailor national advertising campaigns so they are locally relevant.

Real-time Measurement and Impact

Scanned data collected by NRS screens deliver a trove of critical insights that can be used to measure the effectiveness of campaigns in real time. When combined with anonymized third-party data and measurement tools, NRS can deliver vital metrics, including reach, frequency, sales lift, and impressions generated, helping CPG marketers better understand the return on investment. Marketers can see and act on the results, using the captured data and generated insights to adjust campaign messages and ensure that suitable ads are being seen by the desired target audiences at the right time and location.

A Gateway to New Consumer Audiences

Finally, NRS networks allow CPG brands to extend beyond the national retail chains that dominate the landscape and reach the 74% of consumers who prefer to browse and buy at locally owned stores. By establishing a presence outside their traditional marketplaces, CPG brands can leverage the NRS network to engage multicultural audiences and build relationships with new customers in independent retail segments by offering discounts and compelling, personalized offers.

With 30,000 screens now installed in over 26,000 independent retail locations across the country, NRS can help any CPG brand expand its addressable audience and effectively market to a uniquely loyal segment of the consumer population. To learn more about how your brand can leverage the NRS Digital Media network, contact us at [email protected].