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NRS Included in Martech Outlook’s 2024 Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Services Company

MarTech Outlook, a leading industry publication reporting on marketing technology insights and trends, announced its prestigious Top 10 Programmatic Advertising Services Companies for 2024. We are thrilled to share that NRS Digital Media has secured a spot on this esteemed list, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field.

Programmatic advertising offers brand marketers innovative opportunities to reach audiences with precision, efficiency, and a real-time message that resonates and influences purchasing decisions. However, the effectiveness of any programmatic advertising strategy is dependent on the availability of consumer data. Access to this data has become increasingly difficult due to new and continuously evolving regulations intended to protect consumer privacy. 

In a landscape where consumer privacy is paramount, NRS Digital Media stands out. We provide a unique solution that allows advertisers to deliver contextually relevant ads without relying on personal consumer information. Our first-party data is the key that sets us apart. 

NRS point-of-sale screens in tens of thousands of convenience stores, bodegas, and other independent retail locations around the country capture first-party scan data, which advertisers can use in their programmatic buying and selling strategies. At the same time, NRS also allows advertisers to meaningfully engage a population of consumers that had previously been difficult to reach. 

As programmatic technologies and platforms become more automated and AI-driven, first-party data from providers like NRS will enable advertisers to capitalize without brand safety and fraud concerns.

Amid a dynamic and increasingly competitive ecosystem of programmatic technology developers and service providers, NRS is honored to have been recognized by MarTech Outlook as one of the leading companies advancing a transparent, effective, and brand-safe programmatic advertising landscape.